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Imagine Justice: An Introduction

In addition to working with Columbia Legal Services to produce Poison Control, I’ve been creating a series of short videos with the organization. A sort of anthology in the making, these form the opening of what is being called the “Imagine Justice” campaign.

The first four that we created were used to promote the organization’s annual fundraising event, but also to lay the groundwork for the campaign to come. As you can see, a strong emphasis is placed on diversity and community.

What is particularly exciting for me, as both a filmmaker and a member of society, is that this project is grounded in positivity. The very idea of imagining justice is an affirmative exercise; it is an act of agency. And in a world where so much of our focus is drawn towards the negative, its important to remember that people, and our communities, are worth it.

We’re going to be meeting later this week to plan out the next stages and I’m very excited to see what shape this project takes in the future. Follow me on Facebook for updates.